27 MARCH 1915, Page 2

Last Sunday Lord Kitchener reviewed about twelve thou- sand troops

at Liverpool and about thirteen thousand at Manchester. After the Liverpool review Lord Kibobener

handed to Mr. Sexton, Secretary of the Dock Labourers' Union, a letter in which he said that he was surprised to find that there were still some of the Liverpool dockers who refused to work overtime. He felt euro that these men could not recognize that the delay they were causing was having "a very serious and dangerous effect, and must be stopped." A strong appeal followed to the men to remember that they had it in their power to support, or to fail to support, their brothers fighting in France. In conclusion, Lord Kitchener said : "If this appeal fails I shall have to consider the steps that will have to be taken to ensure what is required at Liverpool being done." Reports tell us that Lord Kitchener also discussed affairs freely with the representatives of Labour; that his friendliness and earnestness were much appreciated; and that those who conversed. with him felt that he was talking to them "like a father."