27 MAY 1905, Page 1

The German Emperor has warned the Navy League at Berlin

that their zeal is becoming inconvenient. In a tele- gram from the Mediterranean he informed Prince Salm, the chairman of the League, that Chauvinistic proposals do mis- chief, and are besides interferences with his own "prerogative as War Lord." The Prince, after consideration, resolved to remain at his post; but two Generals who were conspicuous for the daring of their proposals at once resigned, and it is understood that the tone of the League will henceforth be moderated. Count von Billow, it is said, is annoyed by the telegram, which is, of course, an order given over his head ; but it is said that the Emperor had two serious motives for his intervention. He perceives that exaggerated proposals alarm the maritime Powers into enlarging their building programmes, and finds that the party of the Centre is reso- lutely opposed to the excessive expenditure involved in over- fast production of battleships. It must be remembered that the Centre represents South Germany as well as Roman Catholic opinion, and that the South has little hope of sectional advantage from the Weltpolitik.