27 MAY 1905, Page 15


absence of a National Trust or other funded means of working them, at a time -when our highways are so overloaded with motor-cars, tramcars, and cycles of all sorts, and traction engines and furniture-vans to boot, which are now so much used in preference to the delay of deliveries of goods by railway. A large furniture contractor informs me that he can move his vans cheaper and quicker, and with less damage to goods, by traction engines up to one hundred miles than he can by rail- way on account of the congestion of goods traffic. Where do we see, except in England, canals stagnating which might be turned to profitable account as electric-tramway or motor- omnibus tracks to relieve public traffic, if of no further service as waterways P There are at least four comparatively useless south of the Thames at the present moment.—I am,

Sir, &c., J. BADELEY. Hat herleigh, MinehRad.