27 NOVEMBER 1915, Page 1

It is only in Serbia and Gallipoli that the prospect

is dark. As we write on Thursday the news is that Austro- Hungarian troops have captured Mitrovitzs, and German troops Prishtina, which is on the edge of the Kossovo Plain, the historic vantage-ground of Serbia. It must not he supposed, however, that the Serbian Government have by any means given up hope. On the contrary, the War Minister has made to the Athenian paper, the Hestia, a con- fident statement to the following effect. The Serbian forces are practically intact, and the losses so far have only been thirty-five thousand in killed and wounded, and twenty thousand in prisoners. This means that the Army still numbers two hundred thousand men. It is only deficient in heavy artillery, while the moral of the troops is unimpaired. When the Anglo-French forces are sufficiently large the Serbians, declares the Minister, will resume the offensive.