27 NOVEMBER 1915, Page 1

Meanwhile they will hold the passes and wear down the

enemy, who has suffered heavily. If necessary, there will be a slow retirement into Albania, in which the Serbians will contest every inch of ground in order to give the Allies time to concentrate their forces. Russia's intervention, the Minister proceeds, will be effected after the concentration of the Allied artnies in the Balkans. It is not true, he tells us, that the seat of government is to be transferred to Salonika. The interview ends with the following words : "I can assure you that France and England are preparing surprises in the Balkans. We ourselves are resolved to continue the struggle with the same self-sacrifice as from the beginning of the war." Here, we are sure, speaks the authentic voice of Serbia. The Serbians are not beaten and do not mean to be beaten, and as long as they maintain that spirit they will not be beaten, even though their Army is temporarily driven into the mountains of Albania and Montenegro. We do not envy the Germane, the Austrians, and the Bulgarians the task of holding down Serbia in mid-winter, with a daily augmented force of French and British on one flank and the Russian Army on the other.