27 NOVEMBER 1936, Page 2

The Case of General Gough The pertinacity with which various

Members of Parlia- ment are pressing the case of Sir Hubert Gough is to be commended. The attitude the Prime Minister has taken up regarding the question of restitution to Sir Hubert is quite indefensible. He has said either too little or too much. If Sir Hubert was rightly removed from his command of the Fifth Army in 1918, which few informed people now believe, then Mr. Baldwin's tribute to him was baseless and excessive. If, on the other hand, the tribute was just, then a public recog- nition is called for, and it must have some material sequel. All the other -Army Commanders got peerages and £30,000 apiece. Let there, by all means, be an enquiry into the facts. first if the Government has any doubt about them. There is no difficulty about that. Enquiries are easily started ; a mongoose can do it.