28 APRIL 1961, Page 13


regret that I inadvertently quoted in my article 'Where do we go from Here?' published in the Spectator on April 14, the very apt little verse which. Mr. T. P. Warren pcints out, comes from his little book Pounds, Shillinks and Sense. I made a note, as one does when quotations appeal, of this verse when I read Mr. T. P. Warren's hook over a year ago, but failed to note from whence it came. • Mr. Warren's letter has given me the chance of refreshing my memory by reading his book again. If it should greatly appeal to the thousands of new in- vestors who need expert guidance in the complex subject of investments and stock market procedure. it will be money well spent (5s.) to acquire this book. which has been approved by the Council of the Stock Exchange and is published by Sensible Investment Publications.—Yours faithfully.

Cobham, Surrey