28 DECEMBER 1861, Page 1

A debate 11as:occurred in the Cortes on the character and

pretensions of the nun Patrocinio, who through the Queen, governs Spain. A minister quoted her as the saviour of Spain, and was told by M. Olozaga that she was a convict, having been formally condemned by the Judge of First In- stance in -Madrid for imposture, she liming exhibited the marks of the crucifixion on her hands and feet. The woman, in short, was an Ecatatica, and, unlike most Bestaticas, con- victed of fraud, and she is now believed by the Court to be possessed of miraculous powers, and her advice, said to be dictated by the•Pope, is asked on every emergency. In other words, Spain is really governed by some priest who may have a genius for statesmanship, and has certainly one for intrigue.