28 DECEMBER 1861, Page 1

Nothing of interest has occurred in England during the week.

No speeches have been made, and the only polltical event has been the contest for Nottingham, where the eldest son of the Duke of Newcastle has by this time probably been beaten by Sir Robert Clifton. Neither candidate is very well-suited to the constituency. Lord Lincoln offers Radical pledges, such as the ballot,but,like everybody else with a brain and something to lose, he is simply a Constitutionaliat, while his opponent is simply Mr. Tom Duncombe over again. Why cannot Nottingham, if determined on extreme Radicalism, send up a real Radical—a working man—who believes in the ideas he professes, and talks democracy for other ends than getting a seat. A man like Mr. Newton, of the Amalgamated Engineers, would be a far truer, as well as more useful repre- sentative than one like Sir Robert Clifton.