28 DECEMBER 1861, Page 2

plans of the most liberal character will be laid before

Parliament, which meets, it is believed, on the 14th of January. The Govern- ment, moreover, has resolved to lay before the Diet a proposal for calling together a German Parliament and handing the Executive of the Empire, the command, that is, of the army, the conduct of foreign affairs, and the control of the customs over to Prussia. This will be the first distinct move of the Prussian Government towards its ultimate design, the unity of at least Protestant Germany under a single head. The Government has denied certain expressions of anger against the new members, said to have been uttered by the King, and now that the first shock is over, and it is perceived that Ministers have still a majority, all parties seem approaching a com- promise. The army budget will be passed, but liberal reforms, such as the reorganization of the police, will be at once introduced. It is said that the Duchy of Brunswick is now vacant, and is claimed both by Prussia and Hanover; the Diet will probably decide.