28 DECEMBER 1861, Page 3

g i lait.—The first division of the Spanish s q uadron before Vera Cruz,

consisting of sailing vessels, left the Havannah on the 27th of November. The second division, composed of steam transports, left on the 30th of the same month, and the fighting squadron left on the 3rd of December. Marshal Serrano, Commander-in-Chief, was on board the steam-frigate Berenguela, which carries the flag of Rear- Admiral Rubaleava. The troops for landing form an effective strength of eight hundred men. President Juarez, who has long been expect- ing the Spaniards, has advanced a body of troops to meet them, who

road from Mexico, above Vera Cruz. are entrenched on the Ac-

cording to the last dates the Mexicans were throwing up redoubts. The greatest excitement prevailed in the capital. By the latest advices neither English nor French squadrons appear to have arrived, and the answer of the American Government to the demands of Great Britain may possibly change their destination. The motive alleged by Marshal Serrano, for invading Mexico in such haste, is that he has received information of a plot laid to murder all Spaniards—pro- bably an exaggeration of some cry of death to the foreigner. He cannot have heard of the impending quarrel between the British and American Governments, though he has of the seizure of the Commissioners.