28 JANUARY 1882, Page 1

M. Gambetta.'s resignation throws everything into confusion, for his fall

will scarcely terminate his power, and his journal calmly asks how long the next Ministry will last, and how long this Chamber itself will be permitted to endure. President Grevy, however, treats it as an ordinary resignation, and will, it is believed, form a Cabinet of passed Ministers, with M. Leon Say, M. de Freycinet, M. Wilson, M. Waldeck-Rousseau, and the like, all in it. According to the latest telegrams, he has sent for M. Leon Say, who has never yet been Premier, and has asked him to form a Government, and so at least relieve financial situation. M. Leon Say is reported to be most unwilling, but SS a Government is almost impossible without him, he will probably consent either to take the lead or to become Minister of Finance. The alternatives to M. Say are M. de Freycinet, M. Jules Ferry, or M. Brisson ; but the latter may not choose to abandon the Presidency of the Chamber to form a Government which, with M. Gambetta in opposition, must necessarily be weak. A Ministry of some kind will be put together, but it can scarcely be one which foreign Governments will trust, or which can carry out a steady policy. The first re- sults of the change will probably the loss of the commercial treaty, and an explosion of some kind in Egypt.