28 JANUARY 1882, Page 1


MGAMBETTA has fallen. The great debate on Revision • came off on Thursday, and with the exception of M. Gam- betta's own speech, proved a very dull one. The Premier himself, except in a splendid passage defending himself from the charge of seeking a Dictatorship, was rather too argumentative, and no other eminent person joined in the debate. The minds of Members, in fact, were made up, and as usual in France, the Chamber proceeded rapidly to terminate the crisis. M. Barodet first proposed Revision, pure and simple, without limitations; but this was rejected, by 298 to 173, and the Committee's reso- lution proposing limited revision, but claiming a right without limit, was then brought forward. M. Gambetta, after his speech, proposed to leave out the line claiming the right; but the Chamber, in the teeth of its previous vote, refused, by 282 to 227. M. Gambetta then announced that, as the Chamber claimed revision without limits, his Government had resigned. He adopted this course, it is believed, partly to conciliate the electors, who dread unlimited revision, and partly to avoid re- signing on his own immediate proposal, Scrutin de Liste. This was, on his withdrawal, immediately put to the vote, and de- feated by 305 to 110, a majority of nearly three to one. The Committee's resolution was then put en bloc, and carried by 262 to 91; and the Chamber is therefore committed to the revision of the Constitution. -Under those circumstances, of course, the Senate, which is directly aimed at, will throw out the Bill.