28 JANUARY 1882, Page 12



Sia,—The prices obtained in the open market for Irish estates may easily be ascertained from the returns published as Par- liamentary Papers, which show the particulars of nearly all sales in the Landed Estates Court from 1865 to 1876. The largest of these, known as the Duke of Argyll's return, embraces other than fee-simple land ; but Parliamentary Paper 62, of Session 1875, and its continuation (No. 448,-of Session 1877), are returns of all fee-simple land, subject only to quit and tithe rent-charge, sold in the Landed Estates Court from 1867 to 1876, giving, among other particulars, the net rental and the purchase-money of each lot.

With reference to such instances as those of which your correspondent, "An Irish Barrister," challenges the production, I find the following cases in these returns : —County Galway, 183 acres, with rental of £140, sold in 1868 for 131 years' pur- chase. County Kilkenny, 27 acres, with a rental of £99, sold in 1868 for 91 years' purchase. County Galway, an estate of 1,800 acres, with a rental of 2909, was sold in five lots in 1869 for 131 years' purchase. There are many other cases at from 12 to 18 years' purchase, but the lowest rate recorded is 5 years' purchase for an estate of 226 acres in Mayo, producing a rental

of £207. In the two years ending October 31st, 1875 and 1870, the lowest rate at which an estate was sold was 7+ years' pur- chase; and in these two years, there are instances of estates sold at 101, 111, 13, and 14 years' purchase. The highest rate recorded is 63 years' purchase.—I am, Sir, &c.,