28 JANUARY 1882, Page 14


[To THE Eraron OF THE "SPECTATOR"] Sin,—In a letter with the above head, signed "C. W. Gibraltar," in your number of the 14th inst., I see the following sentence "The only clergymen of the Church of England acting with Episcopal sanction at Florence are the Rev. R. Tottenham and the Rev. G. P. Howes." Now, I am not going to enter into any dispute about "Episcopal sanction," a sanction which, I believe, is purely one of courtesy, there being no English diocese which has any legal jurisdiction over Florence ; but as the letter I refer to is calculated, no doubt most unin- tentionally, to impress English visitors coming to Florence with the idea that there is only one place of worship here belonging to our National Church, namely, that of Mr. Totten- ham and his curate, Mr. Howes, I write to say that the Rev. Charles Tooth, a clergyman of the Church of England, has built a very beautiful church in the Via Maggio, which is attended by a large and most respectable congregation, all members of the Church of England ; and the numerous wor- shippers at the many weekly and daily services, and above all, the large number of communicants who, during the week, take advantage of the privileges offered them at this chapel, are undoubted proofs and witnesses of the good work being done here. I enclose my card.—I am, Sir, &c.,