28 JUNE 1940, Page 2

Anxiety in the Balkans

The capitulation of France has produced two immedi, reftilts in the Balkans. The spectacle of Europe in the meltir pot has made the dissatisfied countries hasten to stake out fl revisionist claims. Secondly, it has made all, and espec: those who fear the loss of territory, more anxious to concilk and stand well with Germany. Until recently Hungary al-,d Bulgaria, under Italian influence, in the one case and Turkin in the other, had been persuaded to agree that this was no time for creating friction by attempting to alter the status quo, and they were disposed to let their claims stand over till after the war. Both countries are now more openly leaning towards the Axis and stating their case for territorial revision. Rumania, on the other hand, is the country which has most to lose by a re-shuffling of the Balkans, and King Carol was obviously con- vinced that no time must be lost in conciliating Germany and restoring to favour Nazi sympathisers in his own country Hence the proclamation of an amnesty for, members of the Iron Guard and other political prisoners, and the release from prison of the Iron Guard leader, M. Horia Sima. The King has put himself at the head of a new " Party of the Nation,- with the ostensible object of promoting national unity ; but the actual effect is to strengthen the turbulent Germanophile elements which have given so much trouble in the past.