28 JUNE 1940, Page 20

Exit Prussia : A Plan for Europe. (Duckworth. 6s.)

IN Exit Prussia: A Plan for Europe, Dr. Stern-Rubarth revives a practice popular during the last War of dividing Germans into two categories : the " good " Saxons, Bavarians, Rhinelanders, Wfirtembergers, and so forth, who are the " true " Germany, and the " wicked " Prussians, who represent an alien and aggressive element in the German make-up. On the basis of . this simple conception, Dr. Stern-Rubarth has devised a plan for cutting off from the rest of Germany a Prussia of some zo,000,000 inhabi- tants, extending from Memel in the East to the confines of Liibeck and Hamburg in the West, and divided by a Polish corridor. The German problem being thus solved, there will— the author thinks—be little difficulty in setting up a new Euro-

pean order on federal principles. Prussia herself might be combined with Czecho-Slovakia and Poland in a " Western Slav Federation." The time will then come for a scheme of social regeneration which avoids the extremes both of Bolshevism and Fascism. Dr. Stern-Rubarth's rather airy visions land him in one or two awkward incongruities. Hitler, by birth a " good " German, has to be ingeniously transformed into " the arch- Prussian " ; and while Dr. Stern-Rubarth regards " the racial non- sense of Hitlerism " as " universally exploded," he finds himself impelled to base his argument on the assertion that " The Prussians are a race distinct from the Germans."