28 JUNE 1940, Page 20

Recent Revelations of European Diplomacy. By G. P. Gooch. Fourth

edition. (Longmans. cos.) THE first edition (5927) of Dr. Gooch's invaluable guide to the literature of the last War contained 214 pages. The fourth edition now issued runs to 470 pages, and refers to nearly twice as many publications. It is, in fact, a new book, for, while much has been added, a good deal has been omitted as being doubt- ful or superfluous. Those of us who have constantly used the first edition will know best how much labour Dr. Gooch has expended on the work. He seems to have read every important history or memoir, and his summaries of them are judicious and interesting. One new item out of many is the book by M.

Tardieu and the Danish historian, Dr. de Jessen, in which it is recorded that Denmark, after the signing of the Armistice, made an agreement with Germany for the holding of a plebiscite in North Schleswig—an agreement which the Peace Conference reluctantly confirmed.