28 JUNE 1940, Page 23


prize of a Book Token for one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be narked "Crossword Puzzle," and should be received not later than first oosr on Wednesday. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Wednesday Solutions should be on the form appearing below. The name of the winner will be published in our next issue. Envelopes contaming solutions must bear a 21d. stamp, otherwise they are surcharged on delivery. Solutions from the U.S.A. cannot be asserted.]

ACROSS I. Good as a pattern, in the throat (n).

9. Nearly all Burmah goes to the dance (5).

xi:). The good old times, so to speak (9). x 1. No aeroplane, fly as it may, has ever done this (9).

12. George Moore's Evelyn (5).

13. He has a will of his own (8). 15. This suggests nudist teaching (6). 17. Infuse (6). 19. " The owl and the went to sea, In a beautiful pea green boat " (Lear) (8). 23. Part of enfranchisement (5). 24. Shakespeare's epithet for Brutus's cut (9).

26. Clue viols for this (9).

27. "- thee nymph and bring with thee Jest and youthful Jollity " (Milton) (5).

28. What ever may have been said in this early English organisation the last word was with the French (ii).


x. The sweets of fraud (7).

2. So art is disclosed in the kitchen (5).

3. 22. Enjoyed, no doubt, "When each, by turns, was guide to each, And Fancy light from Fancy caught" (I4).

4. An ancient city among deities (6). but bad

5. The veterans of ior 2 Leonia)

(3, 6). 6. Tasks sometimes on the run


7. In favour of being well (6). 8. Whence Lovelace wrote (6). 14. Scene of a celebrated fighting speech (9).

x6. Some get it by being in too great a hurry to break it (2 words) (5, 3).

17. Where falsehood has no place (z words) (2, 4).

18. Swinburne's sister (7). 20. Basket too hot to hold (7). zi. " High though his

proud his name Boundless his wealth as wish can claim " (Scott) (6).

22. See 3. 25. He might be human (5).