28 JUNE 1940, Page 5

Mr. Bevin—now satisfactorily an M.P.—is a considerable acquisition to the

Government as a broadcaster. He may drop some of his final g's—do not many of the bluest-blooded do the same?—and accentuate personnel in the second syllable—but why not? All that matters nothing. Even the loss of a com- plete page of his manuscript, and the whispered but very -audible colloquy concerning it, last Saturday was of no conse- quence at all. The Minister of Labour got his personality across as few broadcasters do, and created in his listeners the confidence they are ready to give to any Minister who is obviously getting on with his job, and getting on with it well. There is no doubt that Mr. Morrison and Mr. Bevin are two of the great successes of the administration, and there can be few Conservatives who fail to realise the advantage of having competent—indisputably competent—Labour men in those two particular posts.

* * * *