28 JUNE 1963, Page 10

SIR,—In beginning your leading article last week, 'It , is not

and it never has been a moral crisis,' you auto- matically separate morals and politics into two distinct water-tight compartments. Yet surely to every political problem there is also a moral aspect. Spying, racial discrimination and the Bomb, all have their moral as well as political sides; as does the Profumo affair.

Lying to the House of Commons and to the country is no petty offence, yet you brush it aside in the same way as you pass by the importance of Mr. Profumo's 'minor sexual indiscretion.' Two moral factors which have an important bearing on a third, political one.

You attack The Times for having made the same mistake as you yourselves have so foolishly made in the reverse direction. You have both wandered off to your different extremes. One cannot separate morals and politics, they are too closely linked for even one to_be dismissed as 'absurd.'