28 JUNE 1963, Page 10

The Profumo Case Mrs. R. Howard, II'. R. Lee, G.

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SIR,—By gad, how very fortunate for the Tories that Mr. Gadd is no longer an agent for them! Of all fatuous and fuddled thinking, Mr. Gadd's letter last week takes some beating!

Does- Mr. Gadd seriously think we condemn Mr. Profumo for having a mistress? What this country does condemn is that Mr. Profumo should not only lie to the House, but try to deceive his own countrymen even further by sueing for libel. He has thus made us the laughing-stock of the world, as shown by recent cartoons in the continental news- papers, and by articles from the press all over the world. I am simple enough (and I am sure I speak for 80 per cent of the women of Britain) to want our country to be run by good and honourable men, whom we can trust and whom the nations of the world will look up to as in the past. There must be very few who feel as Mr. Gadd does, that the Pro- fumo case is nobody's business but Mr. Profumo's own.