28 JUNE 1963, Page 11


SIR,—Your comments in the Spectator of June 21 about the resignation of Prime Minister Ben-Gurion are again marked by the hostility and bias which has for some time characterised every reference of yours to Israel.

It is not my intention to embark on a discussion of Israel's foreign policy in the columns of the Spectator. I would, however, like to make two brief points of fact. It was Egypt and not Israel which had cause to feel embarrassed during the recent trial in Switzerland of Dr. Otto Joklik and Joseph Ben-Gal. I quote from the verdict of the court: . . it is found that Israel is in a position where it is vital to defend itself: it is found that important Egyptian statesmen and poli- ticians have not concealed their views that Israel must be destroyed; it is found that Egypt plans rocket warfare against Israel and that German scientists play a leading role in these plans which aim at Israel's annihilation.'

Secondly, to suggest that in Israel as elsewhere in the Middle East 'it is the army which is likely to call the tune' displays ignorance. Virtually every Middle Eastern country has in recent years witneSsed assassinations and military revolts, and the leaders who one day are hailed, on the next have their mutilated bodies dragged 'through the gutter to the acclaim and delight of the howling mob. It so hap- pens that Israel is the only country in the Middle East which has experienced neither political assassin- ation nor revolution and where the army is accepted as completely subordinate to the Government.

1. D. UNNA.

First Secretary (Press) Embassy of Israel, 2 Palace Green, W8