28 MAY 1921, Page 1


NE of the most wicked and unmeaning of the Sinn Fein outrages was committed on Wednesday, when the Dublin Customs House was raided and burnt down. The Caste= House was the most impressive building in Dublin— a fine example of its ambitious and grandiose style. When we write on Thursday it is not yet known exactly how many innocent persons perished. Apart from the deaths among the contending forces of Sinn Feiners and Crown troops, at least seven civilians were killed and eleven wounded. The Sinn Fein raiders were about 100 strong. They were armed and were provided with tins of petrol, and they overpowered the civilian doorkeepers, who were prevented from giving a warning. The raiders thus had ample time to hold up the staff of the Customs House, consisting of about 300 officials, and set fire to the building.