28 MAY 1921, Page 1

We learn from the Irish Independent of Friday last that

Dail Eireann, the Sinn Fein organization, has forbidden the sale of British-made agricultural machinery, margarine, biscuits, boot polish, soap, and pictorial calendars. As butter is cheap and plentiful in Ireland, margarine is perhaps not needed, nor are many of the rebels likely to miss their soap or their boot polish. The exclusion of farm machinery, calendars, and biscuits is intended to benefit the few Irish manufacturers in these

trades. The decree is enforced by the murder-gangs. The Dublin Corporation forbids the stall-holders in its markets to exhibit any British-made machinery: If the authors of' this absurd embargo hope to frighten Great Britain by a trade boycott, they are mistaken. Twee can play at that game. If we closed our ports to her dairy produce, Southern Ireland would be ruined, for she has and can have no other customers. It is interesting,. meanwhile to have this proof of Sinn Fein's belief in high Protection.