28 MAY 1921, Page 2

A typical instance of Sinn Fein humanity occurred last Saturday.

On Friday night a cripple named John Byrne was walking in a Dublin street when he was shot from behind by some gunmen, who fired at him again as he lay wounded. He was taken to a hospital: On Saturday afternoon two men, bearing a stretcher, entered the hospital, took the dying man. from his bed, carried him outside, and there murdered him. In an ambush near Westport on Thursday, May 19th, a police- man was killed, but the rebels for once were severely handled, losing four killed and six prisoners. There was another ambush in the same district of County Mayo on Monday ; a policeman was killed, but the rebels Were dispersed. Many murderer of unarmed soldiers, police, and civilians by Sinn Feelers are reported. Two marines- going to buy food in a County Clare village were assassinated. Six unarmed soldiers of the King's Own Scottish Borderers, walking along the beach in County Kerry, were attacked by armed rebels ; two escaped, but three. were murdered in cold blood and another was badly wounded. The wonder is not that the forces of the Crown do not resort to reprisals against such. cruel and treacherous enemies, but that their discipline improves.