28 MAY 1921, Page 2

Adly Pasha; the Egyptian Premier, announced' on Thursday, May 19th,

that he would head the delegates, including three of his Ministers mad' two ex-Ministers, who are to come to London next month to discuss the future relations of Egypt and 'Great Britain. Zaghlul Pasha, the Nationalist leader, had insisted that he should lead. the delegation and that the British Pro- tectorate should be abolished forthwith. As his demanda were rejected by Adly Pasha, Zaghlul addressed an impertinent letter to the Sultan,. and his adherents began rioting in Cairo and Alexandria. Students and roughs in the capital attacked the unarmed native polies on the- Friday and Saturday and injured many of them, until at last the police and the native troops were permitted to use arms in restoring order. In Alexandria on the Friday a hired mob, stirred up by Moslem fanatics, murdered a British military policeman and attacked the native police, who fired and killed eight rioters. On Sunday the roughs reassembled and began to molest Europeans. Some Greeks in self-defence fired on the rioters, who then murdered some Euro- peans, set fire to a number of houses' occupied by Greeks and Italians, and looted shops. The Governor had to call in British troops, who suppressed the disturbance and enabled the fire brigade to save the city from being, burnt. Fifty-six persons were killed in the riots, and some two hundred were injured.