28 MAY 1921, Page 3

We have often acknowledged that when. Mr. Asquith, pursuing his

fatal policy of letting Ireland go her own way, allowed the Unionists of Ulster to arm he committed a bad technical error. But it passes our comprehension how anyone can pretend that there is nothing to ch000se between one party of mon who try to force themselves out of the Empire, who try to do that by means of murder, and who further demand that a solid, populous, and prosperous part of the country wholly alien to them in ideals should be put under their heel, and another party of men who proposed to fight only if the crowning iniquity were committed of forcing them under a hateful Irish Government,. and who desired nothing more than to be allowed to remain loyal and law-abiding citizens of the United Kingdom. Are the people who say that there is nothing to choose between these tw groups really sincere?