28 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 1

Another great fire, certainly—it is reported an insurrection also— has

broken out in Constantinople. This news was brought to Ancona by Mr. MANDEVILLE, the Secretary to the British Ambassador there. No official accounts have yet been received, as Mr. MANDEVILLE Wits Illade to perform quarantine at Ancona, and would not intrust any other messenger with his despatches. The Sultan, it was said, had fled to Porn; the inhabitants of which district bad taken up arms in his defence. The consequences of this movement of the Turkish populace may be serious. It will afford a pretence, at all events, for the Russians to return, and, as by treaty bound, defend the Sultan against his internal enemies. The Russians, it seems, were scarcely out ofsight, when thepeople whom they had bullied, and insulted by their protection, took effectual means of wreaking vengeance on their vassal, MAnmoun. The Czar's schemes of aggrandizement have certainly worked well in the East.