28 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 1

The Revising Barristers under the .Relbrm Act have been •

pursuing their labours during tha last fortnight. We. perceive that in some places the number of voters registered is less than it was last )'ear. There may be several Ways of accounting for this. One probably is, the resistance to the payment of the Assessed Taxes, which in the Metropolis prevailed to sonic extent in the early part of the year. But the principal reason for the defalcation is unques- tionably- the unwillingness of the electors to take the necessary trouble to register themselVes, as the chance of an election taking place .duriug the year seems so slight. A dissolution, however, may occur during the year; and then we shall have a new mient chosen by a portion only of the electors. It ought to be made compulsory. on the Parish-officers to attend to the registra- tion of all those voters who are not disqualified by non-payment of taxes, or other causes.