28 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 1

The Spanish Carlists are full of activity ; the priests

every- where haranguinfr upon the necessity of supporting the holy cause of CARLOS: and 'of MIGUEL. ZEA BERgUDEZ has overcome the only Opposition in the .Cabinet wiliCh it was supposed he had to en-, counter, that of count .D'OFALI A ; and it is now.doubted.wbether the latter has not been his secret supporter during his struggles with the Queen's party. Altogether, the prospects of the young Princess of Asturias bear a gloomy aspect. In the meanwhile, as we learn from the following extract. from the Madrid-correspon- dence" of the Morning: Heridd,'d new actress has appeared upon the scene, who may give the Minister some trouble.

"It is reported that the Infanta Charlotte has had, sines her return from St. Sebastian, long -and very an-inn:tea hiterview with the Prime Minister, in which she upbraided him from his conduct in the most opprobrious terms. It" would appear that this Princess is anxious for the marriage of one of her sons with ,the your heiress to the Throne. Donna Charlotte, in the event of her son beconiingKkg, - lwntlf -direct the affairs of Spain. For that reason has that enterprising. Princess sedulously laboured to create a powerful party for beTself, since the promulgation of the .anti-Salique law; and she has certainly

succeeded in attaining to great influence."