28 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 1

There is no news of much importance this week from

France. During the King's absence from the capital, his Ministers are re;- ported to have been quarrelling with each other. It seems that the Marshal Minister SOULT has determined not to reduce the Army this year; ,and therefore a supplementary vote of credit will be re- quired from the Chambers. This the Finance Minister, M. HuarANN, strongly objects to ask for; and the arrival of LOUIS PHILII' is rather anxiously expected, in order to put an end to the diSpute in one way or another. The King, it is said, knows very well how to reduce his refractory 'Ministers to obedience.

The editor of the Tribune newspaper has been condemned to live vears; further imprisonment, and to pay a fine of twenty thou- sand francs, for a libel. on the Government. This is the eighth condemnation and the eighty-first prosecution which that journal has undergone. The Government suffers greatly in public opinion from the vindictiveness with which it pursues this paper; and at the present time, particularly, the prosecution is held to be impo- litic iu the extreme.