28 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 8

-11lict Malan& Their Majesties have taken a private box at

each of the great theatres. Prince Tulleyrand and the Dutchess de Dino left London on. Tues- day for France.

Lord and lady Lyndhurst are about to pay a short visit to the Conti- nent. They were to have embarked at Brighton for Dieppe the day before yesterday.

Colonel Evans has either set off, or is on the point of leaving town for Lisbon ; where the advice of this very distinguished officer, whose military talents are universally admitted to be of the highest order, cannot fail to lie of great use to Don Pedro, and through him, to the cause of constitutional freedom in Europe.— Courier.

It is said that the West end of the town was never so absolutely forsaken as it is at this time, at any period during the present century.

The Kingston Chronicle (Jamaica) of August 3d, states that Lord William Paget had been shot at Vera Cruz, by a sentinel. He was commander of his Majesty's ship North Star. Noadditional particulars are given.

The house of Colvin and Co. of Calcutta has suspended payment. A meeting of their creditors was held on the 6th May; when it ap- peared that their debts amounted to 10,425,000 rupees, and their assets to 7,057,000 rupees. Losses in the indigo trade were the cause of their failure.