28 SEPTEMBER 1833, Page 7

CLOS!: OF I/ON:CASTER llacns.—In last week's Sypeclator, we gave an

areount of the raving at Doncaster to Thursday evening. We now subjoin the return of the last day's sport.

Friday, September

THE ScARI:oicueoo ,4r.vitEs of 30 Sol,•11.•k!IIS each, Ii) ft. for 3 year oaf cabs, ast. Glb.; Sst. 316. One mile. Twenty Subscribers, Mr. Wall..er's br. c. NIttssulitiati. by Miley (Sii,t1) 1

Coloncl Craw ford's bl. 7t11,•. hp Whab•boto, Puke of 1./ylis's 6. c. Lot, by Lottery

3 to I on Mil•sal man ; 3 to 1 against the Mole: and into 1 against 1.0,. The Mole mode play 10 Ill...lista:we, where NI ussulinan went by hint, was never after caught, and son is it canter by nco er thre.• lengths. Ilad Iii,ekingliani started, the 71b. extra would have trade it a nice point heti...evil him and NI its,nlinan. Tat: FiLl.r STAiir, of 20 a0Vereit:IIS Vaell, and 9.0 added. for 3 year olds, 9st. arta each. St. Leger Course. Nine Subscribers.

Powletrs 'file Mystery. by Lottery (Wright) 1

Tcsaire, by ‘Vilisher

r It. I tulkeley's b. 1:atinka. sister to NI iss Maria 3

)1r. Ilooldsworth s b. I oust:ince, by Itut.Lard 4 to 4 on Te.:anii: 3 to 1 :Iga■ti.t The Mystery; 4 to 1 against Constance ; and it to 1

against liati;lh.a. Constance made ro tilling ; The lAlystery lying second to her till round the turn. where the t o ehangr,l pla0eS, C011Aahee directly atter dropping behind the others. At the dist:111;e, Tesaile challenged 'rite NI% stery. and ran pretty well with her to the Gran,' Stand ; es Sore the other haft her to herself, and won in a minter. SwErrsTA1tE5 of lt5 sovereigns each. fur 4 year olds and upwards. Four miler. Three Subscribers.

Mr. Walker's Consul, S years walked user. A ri.Art: of 1001. for 3 and 4 year olds. Ileats two mile.. Lori] Maedonal.l.s b. c. Carnaby, by Brutantlort 3 years, 7st. 3Ili. t, Hannon jun.) 1 1 Mr. llotilds,ortiFs b. c. David, by Cattun, 4 years, Sst.;lb, (sweets eel 43 guineas) 4 2 Mn, barrow's b. f. by- 76.11isker. out of Menlo. 3 years, 7st. 511, 6 3

Mr. Reed's b. c. Stinker. liy ilamphry Clinker.3 years, 7:d.51b. 3 4

Sir It. Dick's gr. g. Allegro, by Jock, 3 years, 7st. 51h. 2 First heat, even on Carnaby, and 3 to 1 against David; second heat, 6 and 7 to 4 on Carnally. Won easy. With this plate the meeting telminated. The sport. on the whole, was plentiful enough, lad was not remarkable 1'r its excellence. not above three out or the twenty races decided having been contested with any severity.