29 APRIL 1905, Page 37

Fenby ; Essays on English Poets and Poetry, from the

Edinburgh Review, by Francis 'Jeffrey (the poets are Burns, Byron; Campbell Crabbe, John Ford, Mrs. Romans, Keats, T. Moore, Rogers, Scott, Shakespeare, Southey, and Wordsworth) ; Dissertations and Dis- cussions, by John Stuart Mill ; and Essays by George Brimley, Edited by W. G. Clark, M.A.—The Soul. By Francis Newman. With a Brief Memoir by Charles B. Upton, B.A. (P. Green. 2s. 6d. net.)—Ancient Law. By Sir Henry Sumner Maine. (John Murray. 2s. 6d. net.)—A truly "cheap edition."—Ths Cruise of the Cachalot.' By Frank T. Millen. (Smith, Elder, & Co. 3s. 6d.) —Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate. By W. Chaffers. Edited, with Additions, by Christopher A. Markham. (Reeves and Turner. 21s.)—The Hungry Forties. With Introduction by Mrs. Cobden Unwin. (T. Fisher Unwin. 6d.)—Two books in which old materials are worked up anew with adequate skill and set off by pleasing illustrations are Stories of King Arthur and his Knights, Retold from Malory's " Morte Darthur," and Stories of Robin Hood and his Merry Outlaws, Retold from the Old Ballads. Both are by J. Walker McSpadden. (George G. Harrup. 2s. 6d. net each.)