29 AUGUST 1931, Page 2

On Tuesday the Cabinet was formed and in the evening

the King's appointments were announced. Besides Mr. MacDonald, Lord Sankey, Mr. Snowden, and Mr. Thomas remain at their old posts in an inner Cabinet of ten. With them Mr. Baldwin will sit as Lord President, Sir Herbert Samuel as Home Secretary, Lord Reading at the Foreign Office, Sir Samuel Hoare at the India Office, Mr. Neville Chamberlain at the Ministry of Health, and Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister at the Board of Trade. Without seats in the Cabinet, Lord Amulree remains at the Air Ministry, Sir Austen Chamberlain goes to the Admiralty, Sir Archibald Sinclair to the Scottish Office.i Sir Donald Maclean to the Board of Education, Sir John Gilmour to the Ministry of Agriculture, and Sir Henry Betterton to the Ministry of Labour. Lord Crewe has been induced to take the War Office, Lord Londonderry becomes First Commissioner of Works and Lord Lothian Chancellor of the Duchy. Lord Reading's appointment recalls the years when he worked in the Foreign Office, and as Ambassador in Washington. Mr. Chamberlain takes what may be the thorniest seat of all. Incidentally, several more members of the India Round Table Con- ference now become Ministers of the Crown. The difficul- ties of the new Government will be immense, and as we have written elsewhere, it is the duty of all of us to make them feel that they have the country's confidence in their laborious and unpleasant work.