29 AUGUST 1931, Page 21

At the height of the holiday season it may be

worth while to draw attention to the excellent leaflets issued by the Scapa Society, whose address is 71 Eccleston Square, Bel- grave Road, London, S.W. 1. No, 3, on "Litter," is parti- cularly apt, and gives many useful suggestions as to the action that can be taken. Supplies might usefully be dis- tributed by schoolmasters and mistresses to their pupils, and it would be a very graceful act if motor coach com- panies were to start a practice of supplying them to their passengers. No. 10, on the action which can be taken by the ordinary citizen against the advertisement nuisance in the countryside, is also extremely valuable, and should be procured by anybody who habitually takes a camera with him on holiday, and by walking parties. No. 8 is at present out of print, but no doubt if sufficient applications were received it would be reprinted. The price of a leaflet is a penny.