29 DECEMBER 1855, Page 1


THE itinerary of diplomatic agents furnishes the real news of the week, and those who desire to anticipate conclusions make the most they can out of the comings and goings. A new name, how- ever, appears among the dramatis personte : Saxony has been in- . tethering by its Minister at Paris, Baron Seebaoh, who is said to have made a communication to the French Government, afterwards to have returned to Dresden, and then to have proceeded on to St. Petersburg. It is supposed that " Germany" is moving as well as the German Powers, for the purpose of -bringing Russia to reason and terminating hostilities. Another report is, that Austria has communicated the quasi-ultimatum to Prussia, with an intima- tion of her own intent to join more closely in the Western alliance; whence Prussia is supposed to feel her "isolation," as likely to lead to inconvenience for herself. Paris, by pamphlet, hints at a Congress. Finally, Russia is rumoured to have intimated to Germany her 'willingness to accept the neutralization of the Black Sea, whieh would in some degree go beyond her offer on the four points. It is the more probable that some intimation of this kind may be given, since Russia now has the opportunity of making a concession in that respect, while taking a fresh stand for delays on the point of not ceding any portion of her territory. The ex- pectation that she will not accept the part of a conquered power and submit to an ultimatum is still kept up ; but Count Esterhazy has not yet returned to Vienna from St. Petersburg; and in fact, nobody knows anything about it, except those who keep the , secret well—if they do. These last words express the news of the week on the subject of the negotiations for peace.