29 DECEMBER 1855, Page 19


On the 16th December, at Maretimo, Black Rock, the Marchioness of Kildare, of

a daughter.

On the 18th, at Ringrone, Devonshire, Lady Kingaale, of a daughter. On the 22d, at Buxton Hell, Lancashire, the Lady Emma Anderton, of a son and heir.

On the 228, at High Park, Worcestershire, the Wife of Theodore H. Gallon, Esq., of a son.

On the 23d, at Dodington, the Lady Georgians Codrington, of aeon. On the 25th, in Eaton Square, the Couutess de Morella, of a son.

On the 27th, in Curzon Street, the Hon. Mrs. Frederick Byron, of a son.


On the 19th December, at Mellor Church, George Horrocks, Esq.. of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, to Jane Anne, youngest daughter of Jonathan Jewett, Esq., of Laugher Hall, Derbyshire.

On the 20th, at Aughrim Church, Edward Hyde Clarke, Esq., of Hyde Hall, Cheshire, to Maria Anne, daughter of Thomas Wade, Esq., of Fairfield, county Galway.

On the 20th, at St. Mary's; Bryanston Square, Evan H. Baillie, Ezre, of Glouces- ter Place, Portman Square, to Emma, widow of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Bailie, of the Bombay Army, and youngest daughter of the late Major-General Sir William Douglas, K.C.H., of Timperdean, Roxburghshire. On the 24th, at Meggetland House, Edinburgh, Professor C. Piazzi Smyth, As- tronomer Royal of Scotland, second son of Rear-Admiral W. H. Smyth, K.8. F. to Jessie, third daughter of the late Thomas Duncan, Esq., Advocate, Aberdeen.


On the 25th October, at Delhee, in the East Indies, Joseph, eldest son of the late Colonel James Skinner C.B., of Belaspoor. On the 21st November, at Cairo, the Rev. Edward Place Dewar, Minister of Auch- tergavin, Perthshire, and eldest son of the Very Rev. Principal Dewar, ldarischal College, Aberdeen.

On the Ilth December, at Blarrits, France, the Rev. Samuel Price Davies, M.A., Brother of St. Katherine's Hospital, and Incumbent of Kingetherpe, Northampton ; in his 34th year.

On the 15th, at Fillongley, the Rev. John Thickins, for fifty years Vicar of Exhale and for thirty years Vicar of Fillongley, both in the county of Warwick; in his 83d. year.

On the 19th, at Myton House, near Warwick, Mrs. Anne Parker, sister of Admiral Sir William Parker. Bare, G.C.B.; in her 82d year. On the 19th, at Hill, near Southampton, Rear-Admiral Thomas, son of the late Sir John Thomas, Bait.

On the 21st. at Blackheath, Grace Elizabeth, widow of the late Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale, Bart., G.C.B., of Walhampton, Hants. On the 21st, at Fryern, Sussex, the Hon. George King; in his 72d year. On the 22d, at Ryde, Isle of Wight, Henrietta, wife of Rear-Admiral John Bren- ton, and sister of the late Vice-Admiral Sir Jableel Brenton, Bart.; in her 76th year.

On the 22d, in Alfred Street, Bedford Square, James Cates, Esq., for forty-five years of the British Museum; in his 78th year.

On the 23d, in Aubrey Road, Notting Hill, Mrs. Rowland, widow of the late Hugh Rowland, Esq.; in her 95th year. On the 23d, lot Great Cumberland Place, Anne, widow of the late Sir John Trol- lope, Bait., of Coeewich, Lincolnshire; in her 75th year.

On the 23d, Major Sir William Wynn, Governor of Sandown Fort, Isle of Wight; in his 85th

On the 2Ith, in Rutland Square, Edinburgh, the Earl of Caithness. On the 25th, at Hyde, Isle of Wight, Eleanor, Dowager Lady Leeds, widow of the Late-Sir George William Leeds, Bart. On the 25th, at Sudbury, Suffolk, Mrs. Ann Godfrey ; in her 91st year.

On the 26th, at Brighton, Elizabeth, widow of thelate-Captain George Digby, R.N., and only daughter of the late Sir John Walsh, Bart.; in her 62e1 year. Lately, in Upper Hyde Park Street, the Lady Catherine Belle Wher 76th year.