29 DECEMBER 1855, Page 19


Tuesday._ Dee. 26, Partnerships Dissolved.-Holcroft and Hoyle,. Manchester, consulting engineers- Alters! and Foil, Luton, tea-dealers - Schwabe. and Co. Liverpool- Williams and Son Ludgate Hill,, umbrella-manufacturers-Loveland and Tweed, Lincoln's Inn Fields-F. and J. Lang, !Intim/ter, Somersetshire, coal•mercbanta-J. and F. J. Davies .Shilfnal, Shropshire, schoolmistresses-J. and T. Kerslake, Beth, milliners -Bradbury and Ithaley, Oldham,joiners -T. and C. II. Jelley, Yarwell and Oundle, Northamptonehire, machinists-Bracegirdle and Co. Nerthwich, timber-merchants -Clegg sen. and jun. Castieton Factory, Rochdale, card-makers-T. arid J. Garrett, Douglas, Isle of Man, brewers-Jones and Co. Hulme, Lancashire, cotton-wadding. manufacturere-Goff and-Belcher, Liverpool, butchers-F. and J. B. Penny, Cent.. mercial Road. victuallers-Spencer and Co. Minories, nautical-instrurnene-makers. Bankruptcy Annulled-Jean( DAMES, Great Bridge, Staffordshire, tirober-mee.


Pankrupts.-GUBTAV IIAESE, Railway Place, Fenchurch Street, merchant, IV MM. render Jan. 4, Feb. 3: solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers; ofileial assignee, Canaan, Aldermanbury. jvaliMit WOOlutOFFE, Leather Lane, victualler, Jan. 4, Feb. 8: solicitors, Overbury and Peek, Frederick's Place ; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury. James THOMAS MURRAY, Lower James Street, Golden Square, pianoforte-maker, Jan. 5, Feb. 8: solicitors, Linklater and Ilackwood, Sise Lane ; official assignee, Pennell. Guildhall Chambers. Josses HENRY Warroaz, Oxford Street, bookseller, Jan. 5, Feb. 8: solicitor, Scarman, Coleman Street ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street. CHARLES SHARP, Albion Road East, Stoke Newington, ironmonger, Jan. 8, Feb. 5: solicitors, Taylor and Co. Great James Street, Bedford Row ; Woodward, March, Cambridgeshire; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. Tames and Join( HEYWOOD, Wood Street, Cheapside, lace-warehousernen, Dee. 2'3, Jan. 2.5: solicitors, Mason and Stunt, Gresham Street ; Maples, Nottingham; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers. Tuones HENRY RYLAND, Birmingham, wood-turner, Jan. 16, Feb. 6: solicitors. Motteram and Knight, Birmingham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham. Tommy SPRAY,-Lenton, Nottinghamshire, lace-manufacturer, Jan. 8, 29: solici- tors, Brewster and Son, Nottingham; Motteram and Knight, Birmingham ; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham.

Pwratmc. Palmeri., Salford, contractor, Jan. 9, Feb. 4: solicitors, Sale and Co. Manchester; official assignee, Pon. Manchester.

Join( Newsman, Dewsbury, woollen-manufacturer, Jan. 14, Feb. 11: solicitors, Chadwick, Dewsbury; Barrett. Leeds; official assignee. Hope, Leeds. JA30,5 WILLUN Gazoolty, Halifax, grocer, Jan. 14, Feb. 11: solicitors, Bond and Barwick, Leeds; Bennett, Halifax; official assignee, Hope, Leeds. JOHN PATIONSON, Bishopwearmouth, builder, Jan. 8, Feb. 15: solicitor, Kidson, Sunderland ; official assignee, Baker, Neweaffile-upon-Tyne. Joan RICHARDSON jun. Cockermoutii, brewer, Jan. 8, Feb. 12: solicitors, Bischoft and Co. Coleman Street; Steel and Waugh, Cockermouth; Watson, Newcastle- upon-Tyne; official assignee, Baker, Newcaffile-upon-Tyne. Dividends.—Jan. 15, Rogers, Laurence Pountney Lane, commission-agent—Jan. 15, Kimpton, Crescent, Jewin Street, jeweller—Jan. 15, Wooldridge, Strand, pnb- lisher—Jan. 15, Balfour, Panier's Hall Court, Bread Street, underwriter—Jan. 15, Dent, Newcastle Street, Strand, lead-merchant—Jan. 15, Dixey, Bradwell-near-the- Bea, Essex. innkeeper—Jan. 15, Demaisse and Wooler, Bucklersbury, merchants— Jan. 15, Archer, Notting Hill, victualler—Jan. 21, Hoyes, West Cowes. postmaster

— Jan. 21, Littleford, High Street, Marylebone, coach-builder—Jan. 17, Overbury, Frederick's Place, Old Jewry, woollen-warehouseman—Jan. 17, Gray, Bishop's Waltham, corn-merchant—Jan. 18, Shackell, Regent's Canal, coal-tar-manufacturer

— Jan. 15. Grave, Manchester, warehouseman—Jan. 23, Rufford, Stourbridge, banker —Feb. 13, Rufford and Co. Stourbridge, bankers; as far as regards the Stourbridge Bank—Jan. 22, Anderson, Leicester, manufacturer of carved frames—Jan. 22, Pop- pleton, Leicester, lamb's-wool-spinner—Jan. 29, Asher, Old Dolby, Leicester, miller —Jan.29, Scott, Nottingham, grocer—Jan. 29, Lounds, Bourn, Lincolnshire, coach- builder—Jan. 22, Bates and Bower, Leicester, lamb's-wool-spinners. Certificates.— 7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—Jan. 16, Jonas, Houndeditch, draper—Jan. 16, Parker, Albany Road, Camberwell, builder—Jan. 16, Rich and Hannah, Park Lane, tailors—Jan. 17, II. G. and J. James, Leadenhall Street, engineers—Jan. 17, Tennant, Market Street, Westminster, victualler—Jan. 17, Toovey, Aldermanbury, stationer—Jan. 17, Beck- et, Manchester, brewer—Jan. 26, Clayton, Wolverhampton, iron-founder—Jan. 24, Baker, Kidderminster, butcher—Jan. 24, Brownhill, Tipton. boot-maker. Declarations of Dividends.—Holbrook, Nottingham, joiner; first div. of Is. 2d. on Monday next, and following Monday ; Harris, Nottingham—Walley. Derby, boiler- maker; first div. of 3s. on Monday next, and following Monday; Harris, Nottingham — Freer, Leicester, wine-merchant; first div. of Is. on Monday next, and following Monday; Harris, Nottingham—Hoyle and Tattersall, Whitewell Bottom, Lanca- shire, cotton-manufacturers; first div. of 7s. 41d. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tues- day; Pon, Manchester—Goodman, Manchester, tobacconist ; first div. of so. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pon. Manchester— Mason, Manchester, stationer; first div. of 74d, towards the former div. of 4s. 5d. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tues- day; Pott, Manchester—Jones, Manchester, glass-merchant; first div. of 61d. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tuesday; Pott, Manchester—Kenyon, Newton Heath, Man- chester, chemist; first div. of ls. aid. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pott, Manchester—Macbeth, Preston, tailor; first div. of Is. 70. Jan. 2, or any subse- quent Tuesday ; Pott, Manchester—Peat, Manchester, boot-manufacturer; first div. of Is. 10d. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pott, Manchester—Condron, Mac- clesfield, silk-manufacturer; first div, of id. Jan., 2, or any subsequent Tuesday; Pon, Manchester—Brown and Ingham. Rawtenstall, Lancashire, power-loom-cloth- manufacturers ; first div. of 7s. 2d. and final div. of 98. Id. on the separate estate of Mr. Brown, Jan. 8, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser, Manchester—Edmonstone. Over Darwen, Lancashire, paper-manufacturer ; further div. of 9id. and on proofs subsequent to Feb. 16, 1850, a fourth div. of Is. qd. Jan.15, or any subsequent Tues- day; Fraser, Manchester —Renton and Fancy, Manchester. manufacturers of mousse- hue-dc-issues; further div. of 9id. Jan. 15, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser, Manchester.

Scotch Seguestrations.—Reid, Ayr, accountant, Jan. 4—Caldwell, Coldstream, draper, Jan. 9—Maclennan, Inverness, solicitor, Jan. 3—Hunt, Glasgow, woollen- warehouseman, Jan. 5, Friday, .December 28. Partnership Dissolved. —Wood and Todhunter, Dunkirk, merchants—Hartley and Rawnsley, Bradford, Yorkshire, wool-dealers—Hepworth and Brittain, Bishop Auckland, drapers—Nock and M'Cullum Birmingham, papier-mach6-manufactu- rers—Ibbotson and Taylor. Ashton-under-1pm, brick-makers—Paris and Kirk, em- bossers—Holgate, Wright, and Co. New York, and Wright, Holgate, and Co. Man- chester—The Roughtengill Smelting Company—J. and S. B. Millar, Enfield, surgeons —J. and J. Eyre, Manchester, silk-manufacturers—Hewetson and Brothers, Ox- ford Street, upholders—Badcock, Brothers, Tottenham Court Road, linen-drapers ; as far as regards T. Badcock—Monrilyan and Casey, Crane Court, Fleet Street, li- thographers—Laurie and Co. Oxford Street, saddlers—Myers and Co. Liverpool, merchants ; as far as regards W. J. Myers and H. Bland—Hampson and Robinson, Manchester, makers-up and packers—Clifton and Co. Hull, brokers—Willans and Focard, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, rag-dealers—Duncan and Co. Edinburgh, chemists ; as far as regards C. Newton—Davis and Son, Glasgow' watch-manufacturers. Bankrupts .—Josern FARNAN, Portobello Terrace, Netting Hill, builder, to sur- render Jan. 10, Feb. 4: solicitor, Woodbridge, Clifford's Inn; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street.

Groans Fawner= Campos, Coburg Row, Old Kent Road, stationer, Jan. 10, Feb. 5: solicitor, Young, Warwick Square; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court.

Moss Damns, Middle Row, Holborn, milliner, Jan. 8, Feb. 12: solicitor, Moss, Moorgate Street ; official assignee, Lee, Aldermanbury.

Jones Ganiwoon PERKINS, Warnford Court, stock-broker, Jan. 11, Feb. 8: soli- citor, Chidley, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Whitmore, Baeinghall Street. WILLIAM EDMONDS, Kidderminster, hosier, Jan. 11, Feb. 1: solicitors, Boycott, Kidderminster; hlotteram and Knight, Birmingham; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham. °Roams TAYIA)R, Derby, silk-manufacturer, Jan. 8, 29: solicitors, Crowder and Co. London • Dunnieliff, Derby ; Motteram and Knight, Birmingham; official as- signee, Harris, Nottingham. THOMAS bonne, Merthyr Tydvil, grocer, Jan. 14, Feb. 12: solicitors, Henderson and Co. Bristol ; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol. Dividends.—Jan. 22, Batters' Tokenhouse Yard, ship-owner—Jan. 18, Grant, Brighton, newsvendor—Jan. 18, Douglass, Woodcote, stage-coach-proprietor—Jan. 18, Kelly, High Street, Kensington, auctioneer—Jan. 18, Batley, Northampton, en- gineer —Jan. 18, Cowan and Braham, Aldgate King's Street, waterproof-clothing- manufacturers—Jan. 11, J. and W. T. Purdy, lc a Lynn, Norfolk, builders—Jan. 18, Brown, St. Alban's, inn-keeper—Jan. 18, Broadway, Westminster, cheesemonger—Jan. 18, Cooling and Maraham, London Wall. soap-makers—Jan. 18, Hackett, Oxford, gas-engineer—Jan. 18, Osier, Earl Street, Finsbury Square, cab-proprietor—Jan. 18, Bronson, Liverpool, hosier—Jan. 25, Bawling and Co. Manchester, curriers—Feb. 1, Deans, Blackburn. draper—Jan. 24, Younger Ben. Sunderland, builder—Jan. 25, Carlton, Darlington, coach-manufacturer—Jan. 24, Noel, South Shields, wine-merchant—Jan. 24, Langdale and Co. Newcastle-upon- Tyne' merchants—Jan. 22, Lumsden, South Shields, ship-builder—Jan. 18, Mills, New Bank, Halifax, iron-founder—Jan. 18, Smith, Low Moor, Yorkshire, worsted- spinner—Jan. 18, Oldfield, Huddersfield, woollen-cloth-merchant. Certificates.— To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—Jan. 21, French, St. Mary's Terrace, Walworth Road, stationer—Jan. 18, Howarth, Ashton-under-Lyne, linen-draper—Feb. 1, Deans, Blackburn draper —Jan. 19. Robinson, Masbrough, Yorkshire, contractor—Jan. 19, Stanifortia, Shef- field, cutlery-manufacturer—Jan. 19, Milnes, Sheffield, brick-maker—Jan. 24, Da- vies, Cradley Heath, Staffordshire, plumber. Declarations of Dividends..—Jackson, Littkworth, Gloucestershire, victualler; air. of lid. any day after Dec. 31; Wilton, Gloucester—Coole, Churchdown, Gloucestershire, Innkeeper; div. of 9d. any day after Dec. 31; Wilton, Gloucester —Rose, Coalville. Leicestershire, joiner; di,. of is, 3d. ; Dewes, Ashby-de-la- Zouch—Taylor, Lower Holborn, oilman, final div, of is. 4d. any Tuesday ; Pennell. Guildhall Chambers—Peaty, Bristol, grocer; div. of 2s. also a first div. of Sr. on new proofs, Jan. 2; Miller, Bristol. 'Scotch Sequestration. —Fairgrieve, Galashiels, merchant, Jan. 7.