29 DECEMBER 1855, Page 2

CO Court Tug Court is keeping Christmas at Windsor Castle.

The Queen has taken walking exercises, as usual ; Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales, and Prince Ernest of Leiningen, skated on Saturday in ihe Home Park ; on Monday Prince Albert and Prince Ernest went out shooting ; and on Thursday Prince Albert came to town and attended Professor Faraday's lecture at the Royal Institution.

Christmas-day was observed at the Castle, by the attendance of the Queen, Prince Albert, and the children, at Divine service in the private cha list of the Queen's-guests this week includes the names of Prince Ernest of Leiningen, Admiral Richard Dundee, Lord Panmure, and Major-General Sir Harry Jones. Her'Majesty's Christmas charities to the aged and afflicted poor have been distributed as usual, at the Almonry Office, Whitehall, by the Bishop of Oxford, Lord High Almoner, and his assistants.