29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 10


Arri, the Channel, John Iletiniston, Barker; and Diamond., Taylor. front

Bengll. At Lis erpool, Pet,. Pan mt ing, Clerk, fr-in iteugal ; and Niagara,

!foul E..robily. b. Itsw ley, Alexander, from Singapore. At

St. Helena. !durgaret Parker, Lim., [ft Bengal; and Alexauder, 31' Lachlan, from Ceylcm.

Sailed-- From Gravesend, 2'..1 Lord Auckland, ND Donald, for Bombay; 24th John ntr ; 1501, Attica, Baxter, fur ditto; and Instinct,

Bentley, l'or nnuthay. Frozn 1,k ei pool, 24[11, Lititin, Gillman ; and Caledonia, Camel, fur Butubuy.