29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 11

We are really very much obliged to our correspondent for

his " Ana- tomy" of last year's Ancient. Concerts; which, with all due de tbren ce to hint, establishes our case and justifies our appellation. "Ancient" and ": modern " are certainly comparative terms, and we have heard Ihrox and MozAter ranked among the " ancients ; " but they are not, according to our musical nomenclature, to be so regarded : and con- sequently none of their contemporaries, who form the majority in the list. Of the early Italian masters, whose names in bygone years so often occurred in the ;tuna's of these concerts, only. one name appears ; and of the old English masters but two-PunCE1.1. and Wit.nvE, who furnished (out of 140) four pieces. The Ancient Concerts, we beg to say, have not more sincere well- trishers titan we are. And this feeling is manifested in a desire to see them restored to their original character and design, and this to their former prosperity and renown. A new experiment is about to he tried, We heartily wish it success, though we have more fears than hopes of the result.