29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 2

More correspondence on the Maine and New Brunswick Bound- ary

question had been laid before the Congress of the United States. Mr. Fox and Mr. FORSYTH employ courteous language, but there is much recrimination in their letters, and a very un- pleasant feeling on the subject is gaining ground among the Re- publicans. Men of all parties speak seriously on the necessity of an early settlement of this dispute. The New York papers supply us with an energetic remonstrance addressed by the American merchants to Captain ELLIOT against the blockade of the port of Canton, which, it will be recollected, that functionary proclaimed in September last, and maintained for just four days. The Americans declared that they would not re- cognize the blockade, and would hold Captain ELLIOT and his Government responsible for any injury they might sustain in conse- quence of it. No wonder the Captain sounded a retreat. The Americans were carrying on a most lucrative trade at Canton ; and, with a view to secure its continuance, they earnestly applied to their Government to send ships of war to the Chinese coast.