29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 7

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THE Queen held a Courts on Tueslay, at Buckingham Palace. Depu- tations from time Lonloa Cleasy, time members of the University of Cambridge, and the Religious Soeiety of Friends, presented congratu- latory, addresses to the Queen on her marrilee,

uncovered by the Yeomen of the Guard, Prieee

side of the throne during the presentation Of the addresses. After this ceremony had been performed, the deputations of London Cierey and of the Friends presented addresses to Prinee Albert. Iler Majesty and Prince Albert went in state to Drury Lane Theatre on 'Wednesday, attended by the principal members of their respective households.

Last night. the Queen and Prince went to Covent Garden, and were rapturously received by a house full, but not inconveniently crowded. Yestris sang with effect an additional verse to the " natioual anthem, in honour of the Prince.

The Queen is to hold a Levee at St. James's Palace on Friday next, at two o'clock.

Among the guests at the Palace this week, we notice the Dukes of Norfolk and Devonshire, the Duke and Heelless of Bedford, Lord

Melbourne, the Earl and Countess of Vert:lam, Viscount Palmerston, and the Dowager Countess Cowper, Lord and Lady Ashley, Baroness Lehzen, the Marquis of Headfort, and Lord Alfred Paget. The Duke of Saxe Coburg left Buckingham Palace yesterday, for Woolwich, where he would embark for the Continent.