29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 8


The Gazette of Tuesday announced that the Queen had conferred the honour of Knighthood on Mr. Edward Butler, Lieutenant of the Corps of Gentlemen at Arms. Prince Albert has appointed Lord Robert Grosvenor to be Groom of the Stole; Mr. George Edward Anson, 'Treasurer; Colonel Bouverie and Colonel Wylde, Equerries; General Sir George Anson and Lieutenant Francis Seymour, Grooms of the Bedchamber.

The Lord Chamberlain has appointed Mr. Thomas Noel Harris to be one of her Majesty's Grooms of the Privy Chamber in Ordinary ; and Mr. John Mitchell Kemble to be Examiner of Plays, in the room of his father, Mr. Charles limbic, resigned. It is rumoured that Prince Albert is very desirous of seeing her Majesty's Marine Palace at Brighton, and that it is not unlikely that her Majesty and her Royal Consort may honour it with a visit at Easter.— Globe.

Prince Albert has commauded an annual subscription of ten guineas to be paid to the Mendicity Society.

The faculty of jurisprudence of the University of Bonn have sent the diploma of Doctor to his Royal Highness Prince Albert of Saxe Gotha, who began and ended his studies there, as a testimony of con- gratulation. The diploma, magnificently painted in gold, was affixed to the black board the day of the Prince's marriage. ' Six limiters have been sent from London to Windsor for the use of Prince Albert and his brother Ernest.

The Dutehess of Kent suffers from rheumatism ; and on Monday Sir Benjamin Brodie was summoned, by the desire of Dr. Chambers, to attend upon her Royal ]highness. It is said that the young Hulse d'Aumale, fourth son of the King, had directed that his estates, which he inherits from the Duke de Bourbon, be charged with an annuity for his brother, the Duke de Nemours. equal to the required dotation refused by the Chamber of Deputies. The Princess Victoria of Coburg, the intended bride of the Duke de Nemours, is represented as extremely handsome. Everybody at Brussels is enchanted with her appearance.

The Glasgow Courier says that the subscription in that city to the Wellington Testimonial has reached 5,0001. The Ayr Advertiser contradicts the reported illness of the Earl of Glaseow, and says that the rumour is entirely without foundation. Tic Earl of Stradbroke has purchased the extensive estates of Vis- count Middleton, in the county of Waterford, for 98,0001.