29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 8

Justice Williams sat in chambers, Chancery Lane, on Wednesday, to

hear a motion by Mr. Platt, tbr a rule to show cause why the order

made on the previous Thursday, to stay the writ of inquiry in the ease of Stockdale versus Hansards, should not be set aside. Mr. Platt eon. tended that the delay was a manifest injury to the plaintiff, who had pre. ceeded regularly, and was entitled to the fruits of his action. Mr. In. chards, for the Sheriffs, relied upon the rule which prevented a Judge from rescinding an order of the Court, unless new facts or arguments were adduced against the order, Now Mr. Platt had nothing new to produce. The ease stood precisely where it was when the Judge made the order to stay the execution of the writ.

Justice Williams would not set aside the order. He had consulted the other Judges, who thought it ought to stand. Mr. Richards applied for the costs of the day, which the Court refused.

Mr. Platt said—" We will try another county. The parties afford us plenty of opportunities ; for the publication of the libel continues every day."

Mr. Richards remarked, that as the defendants declined to plead, the plaintiff needed no publication.