29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 8

'The Aletropolis.

A meeting of the Liverymbn of London was held at the Guildhall on Monday, to address the Queen on behalf of the imprisoned Sheriff Evans. The Lord Mayor presided, and several Aldermen and civic authorities were on the platform. Sheriff Wheelton has been too un- well to appear in public since his release from the custody of the Ser- geant-at-Arms. Speeches in praise of the Sheriffs, and censuring the House of Commons, were delivered by Messrs. Wilkinson, Maitland, Salomons, Clarkson, and Richard Taylor. Mr. Wilkinson moved an address to the Queen in conformity with the object of the meeting, and praying also for a dissolution of Parliament. Mr. Pontifex moved, and Dr. Bowring seconded an amendment, approving of the conduct of the House of Commons. Mr. Lawrence also spoke on the same side. The motion for the address was carried by a large majority ; and it -was resolved that the Lord Mayor should transmit the same to the Home Secretary for presentation to the Queen.

On Wednesday, the Court of Aldermen, specially convened for that purpose, rescinded their former resolution that the Sheriffs should go to the Queen to ascertain when her Majesty -would receive their con- gratulatory address ; and resolved that the Lord Mayor, the Recorder, and the Rementbraneer should wait upon her Majesty for that purpose.

On the same day, the Court of Common Council passed a similar resolution, by a majority of 106 to 12.

The Court on Thursday voted the freedom of the City to Prince Albert, Sir Thomas Phillips, Mayor of Newport, and to Lord Seaton for his services in Canada.

The proprietors of the Bank of England Stock on Thursday, adopted congratulatory addresses to the Queen and Prince Albert.

On Monday, Mr. Norris, a Liberal, was elected Member of the Com- mon Council for Aldersgate Ward, by a majority of 98 to 73 over his Tory competitor Mr. De Jersey.