29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 9

A series of most disastrous fires have occur:-e: t Tn.,

York, One of them destroyed several of the largest stores,' property valued at 1,500,000 dollars. Another burnt property worth 120,uuu dollars. The insurance-offices are sufferers, it is said, to the extent of 650,000 dollars ; and there can be no doubt but these misfortunes will exercise a malign influent* on the money-market.

The following curious paragraph appears as semi-official in the Washington Globe—" The Florida papers announce the arrival of Co- lonel Fitzpatrick, from the island of Cuba, with a pack of bloodhounds, imported, as we understand, by the authorities of the territory. We have ascertained that the War Department is only acquainted with the circumstance through public rumour, and knows nothing of the matter officially. It does not surprise us that the inhabitants of a country which has been so cruelly desolated, and when every hearthstone is sprinkled with blood, should resort to any imaginable menus to protect their families from the prowling and murderous savages."

Governor Porter of Pennsylvania had sent a message to the Legisla- ture of that State, recommending a fresh issue of State Stock to pay in- terest on loans, and a lenient course of legislation towards the banks, so that they may postpone the resumption of cash payment till the spring business is over.

_An extraordinary event has occurred in New York in relation to the United States Bank. A party some time since presented the United States Bank notes for payment in specie ; which being refimed, the notes were protested for non-payment, marked, sued, and secured; and the holders could therefore claim, according to law, 12 per cent, interest, and perhaps other penalties: 38,000 dollars of these notes were sold by public auction in New York on Thursday, by Bleecker and Co. : the largest parcel (20,000 dollars) brought 97c. in the dollar—the rest from 96 to 97. The usual course adopted by the holders has been to sell the

notes to the exchange derokers, who merely deduct a discount ; but to dispose of them by public auction is both a novel and a singular innova-

tion, and one, in my opinion, very injurious to public credit. There is a rumour that the United States Bank has offered, or is about to offer, to relinquish its charter, provided the Pennsylvania Legislature will return the bonus. Such an offer is by no means impossible.Corre- spondent of the Morning Chronicle.