29 FEBRUARY 1840, Page 9

The following letter has been addressed by Lord Normatiby to

the Lords-Lieutenant of the different counties throughout the kingdom.

Whitehall, February 1840.

‘, My Lord—An address having been presented to the Queen, praying her Wiest). to direct that steps be taken to prevent the diffusion of blasphemous gut? immoral doctrines by printed publications, and by other illegal means; and her Majesty, in reply to that address, having given an assurance that in- quiry should be made into the important matters winch form the subject of the address, and that reliance might be placed upon her determination to dis- courage all doctrines and practices dangerous to morality and religion ; 1 have to request your Lordship to call the attention of the .Justices of the Peace of the county of — to this subject at their next meeting at the General Quarter-sessions of the county. ‘,1 am further to request your Lordship to recommend to the Magistrates assembled at Quarter-sessions, and to any Magistrates to whom you may think it advisable to make any communication before the time of the session, that in case they should receive information of any printed blasphemous publica- tion, or of blasphemous speeches delivered at public meetings, and should dean it necessary, to make known such information to the Goverment, for the pur- pose of having it considered whether a prosecution may he expedient, they should transmit to me such information, with a report of the speech or a copy of the publication, together with all necessary proofs which they may be able to procure. (Signed) "Nouns ANB Y. " To the Lord-Lieutenant of the County of